Thursday, 15 December 2011

Olympics Cycling 2012 - BMX

Olympics cycling BMX 2012, will be held on a short outdoor track, with the riders starting on an 8m-high ramp across the way build up with jumps, bumps and tightly banked corners. Following individual time trial seeding rounds, eight riders compete in heats, with each race lasting around 40 seconds.
BMX bikes have only one gear and one brake. Most racing riders use wheels that are 20 inches in diameter, roughly two-thirds the size of wheels used on a standard road bike. Bikes need to be strong enough to endure the wear and tear from the jarring landings after jumps, yet light enough to remain fast and competitive.The men's and women's events at London 2012 will both start with a seeding phase: each rider runs the track once to determine the seedings, which ensures that the fastest riders don’t meet before the final. The men’s event continues with the quarter-finals, which are held over five races with groups of eight riders.

Points are awarded according to places, and the top two riders from the first three races in each quarter-final qualify for the semi-finals. The groups (now six riders in each) race twice more, and the top two riders from each group of six transfer to the semi-finals. From here, the semi-finals in both the men’s and women’s events follow a three-run format: the top four riders from each semi-final advance to the final run, when the medals are decided.

BMX Cycling race takes place on designed paths. Cycling BMX is governed by International Cycling Union. BMX Cycling debuted in Olympics in 2008 Olympic Beijing. 2012 London Olympic will witness BMX Cycling being competed on 8th, 9th & 10th August at BMX Track, Olympic Park.
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