Thursday, 9 February 2012

BMX cycling discipline

Freestyle BMX riders participate in many well-established disciplines. As in the other kinds of freestyle riding, there are no specific rules; style/aesthetics, skills, and creativity are stressed. Street riders tend to have no brakes. If they do, it is mostly straight cable,. Usually they have front and back pegs at one side of the bike. They also have a ability to ride without flanges on their grips.

Skate parks are used by BMX riders,. Skate parks themselves can be made of wood, concrete or metal. Styles of riding will depend on the style of the parks. Wood is more suited to a flowing style, with riders searching for gaps and aiming to air higher from the coping. Concrete parks usually tend to contain bowls and pools. However, it is not unusual for riders to merge the two styles in either type of park

BMX Cycling race takes place on designed paths. Cycling BMX is governed by International Cycling Union. BMX Cycling debuted in Olympics in 2008 Olympic Beijing. 2012 London Olympic will witness BMX Cycling being competed on 8th, 9th & 10th August at BMX Track, Olympic Park.
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